21 de ago. de 2008

Michael Phelps Facts

Depois do sucesso da Dieta de 12.000 calorias do Michael Phelps, agora, seguindo a onda de outros mitos, chegaram os Michael Phelps Facts.

Top 10

1.Water drinks Michael Phelps.

2.Scientists recently discovered the cause for warmer sea temperature and melting icebergs happens every time Michael Phelps gets in the water.

3.Michael Phelps’ sweat is consider a banned substance for other athletes. Too bad Michael Phelps never sweats.

4.Michael Phelps is the only species on earth that is on the Danger List.

5.Once, when Michael Phelps swam the Atlantic he came across mermaids who thought he was just a myth.

6.Ancient Greeks used to sacrifice 100 cows to Poseidon who would then turn around and sacrifice them to Michael Phelps.

7.Michael Phelps does not swim like dolphins; dolphins swim like Michael Phelps.

8.There is no need to save the whales, Michael Phelps has saved them all.

9.MIchael Phelps caught Moby Dick. He then let him go because he is just that awesome.

10.Every time you see a shooting star you are really watching Michael Phelps train in space.

O resto tá aqui. Sugado do Omedi.

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